When we speak of municipalities and public areas, what immediately springs to mind is the cleanliness and decorum we would like in our cities.

Much more than just cleaning: hygiene, clean air and therefore low emissions in terms of particles and CO2.

Thanks to Dulevo's consistent focus on the urban environment and road cleanliness in general, Dulevo sweeper and road sweeper ranges are the ideal solution for all municipal enterprises and cleaning companies who place particular attention on citizen well-being and the urban environment.

The Dulevo urban cleaning range features a vast array of fast, silent and superior performance machines that are all environmentally friendly.

A vast array of models of sweepers and road sweepers, and above all, numerous advantages:

  • Extremely easy to use, small-sized and manoeuvrable: Dulevo sweepers are ideal for cleaning narrow alleyways, historic centres, squares, markets and parks
  • Adaptable to various urban applications, such as pavements and car parks, as well as different climate and seasonal conditions.
  • Noise reduced to a minimum thanks to reduced-size suction turbines and effective screens
  • Maximum operator comfort: Dulevo sweeper and road sweeper cabins are spacious and fitted with simple, intuitive commands

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Special applications

  • Dulevo 3000 M

    The idea The Dulevo 3000M mechanical road sweeper is a heavy duty machine designed for urban and road areas. The Dulevo…
  • Dulevo D.zero²

    100% electric, 100% performance The D.zero² is the first 100% electric street sweeper created by Dulevo. Thanks to its innovative,…
  • Dulevo 7500

    A sweeper designed for urban and road areas The Dulevo 7500 suction road sweeper is a heavy dutymachine designed for urban…
  • Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG

    The only street washer in the world powered by natural gas The Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG Street Washer is designed for…
  • Dulevo 6000 Combi

    The only sweeper that is also a road washer Both a road sweeper and washer combining manoeuvrability, affordability and…
  • Dulevo 6000 CNG

    The only methane-powered mechanical-suction sweeper With the Dulevo 6000 CNG road sweeper, Dulevo has surpassed even its…
  • Dulevo 6000

    The idea Design, innovative and solid structures, effective solutions for all applications and the exclusive, ample waste collection…
  • Dulevo 5000

    A manoeuvrable, affordable and reliable sweeper The Dulevo 5000 road sweeper combines manoeuvrability, affordability and…
  • Dulevo 3000

    The idea Design, innovative and solid structures, effective solutions for all applications and the exclusive, ample waste collection…
  • Dulevo 2000

    The Dulevo 2000 suction sweeper is a remarkable high performance machine, with excellent capabilities, ductile despite its…
  • Dulevo 850

    A sweeper for city centres and the environment The Dulevo 850 suction road sweeper is designed for the heart of the city and…
  • Dulevo 5000 Veloce

    A manoeuvrable, affordable and extremely fast sweeper The Dulevo 5000 Veloce road sweeper is the only sweeper in the world…