Dulevo BOOST 110.0

Main data
Washing cleaning track (mm)550680
Scrubber width (mm)775870
Recovery tank capacity (l)115115
Voltage (V)4848
Hourly performance (mq/h)32004000
Solution tank capacity (l)105105
Lenght (mm)11861186
Width (mm)580580
Height (mm)12201220

A silent and easily maintained scrubber

The Dulevo BOOST 110.0 scrubbers with man on board have been designed to easily pass through normal doors of houses and offices.

Extremely easy to use, great performance, and incredibly ergonomic, BOOST 110.0 scrubbers guarantee maximum comfort and outstanding outcomes also under particularly harsh work conditions.

The special configuration of the tanks ensures great stability and accessibility for easy maintenance operations.

This special configuration allows the machines to be particularly silent.

An ergonomic and flexible solution

Attention was particularly focused on ergonomics when designing Dulevo BOOST 110.0. Despite its compact dimensions, the operator has plenty of legroom. This way, they can work comfortably for several hours in a row.

The Dulevo BOOST 110.0 scrubbers with man on board are the ideal solution for cleaning medium-large surfaces, such as supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, gyms, schools, hotels and wherever a compact, efficient, reliable, safe, comfortable and convenient machine is required, which is also a sound economic investment.

The BOOST 110.0 scrubber with man on board is available in two versions:

  • 110.6 BT1: battery-operated, with electric traction motor and 550 mm washing track;
  • 110.7 BT2: battery-operated, with electric traction motor and a 2-brush 680 mm washing track;