Dulevo BOOST 20.0

Main data
Washing cleaning track (mm)430430
Scrubber width (mm)440440
Recovery tank capacity (l)2020
Voltage (V)23024
Hourly performance (mq/h)17201720
Solution tank capacity (l)1717
Lenght (mm)700700
Width (mm)500500
Height (mm)12001200
Height (machine body) (mm)570570

A scrubber for small areas

The small Dulevo BOOST 20.0 walk behind scrubber guarantees excellent cleaning performance.

Simple and sturdy, this small walk behind scrubber is intended for particularly difficult professional applications.

The rotary tanks, the steel brush head, and its simplicity guarantee maximum reliability.

The BOOST 20.0 scrubber is suitable for professional cleaning of small areas such as shops, restaurants, and bars.

Given its particularly compact design, this machine can also operate in restricted areas that are also difficult to reach.

Ergonomic, smoothness and operability

Both the brush and squeegee can be easily lifted with two levers, which guarantee reliability and durability.

As it is designed on two wheels, the entire weight of the machine is supported by the brushes during work. This special structure ensures excellent cleaning outcomes.

Ergonomics, smoothness, operator's comfort and a few and simple switches make the machine pleasant and easy to use.

Another very significant feature of this walk behind scrubber is flexibility. The folding handle and its lightness allow the machine to be easily transported by car or in small vans and to be stored in closets.

The Dulevo BOOST 20.0 scrubber guarantees maximum cleaning of all surfaces and is available in two different versions:

  • BOOST 20.4E: cable-operated, 230 V current, brush-assisted semi-automatic traction
  • BOOST 20.4B: battery-operated with traction obtained by movement of the brushes.