Dulevo BOOST 300.0

Main data
Washing cleaning track (mm)100012001000
Scrubber width (mm)130014701300
Recovery tank capacity (l)280280280
Voltage (V)3636
Hourly performance (mq/h)700084007000
Solution tank capacity (l)300300300
Lenght (mm)185018501850
Width (mm)100012001000
Height (mm)157015701570

Designed for medium-large areas

The Dulevo BOOST 300.0 scrubbers with man on board are perfect for cleaning medium-large industrial areas as a result of great washing autonomy in compact dimensions.

BOOST 300.0 scrubbers are perfect for commercial areas, such as supermarkets and airports and for other industrial applications, such as workshops, load and unload areas.

Reliable, easy to use and cost effective

Here are some special features of Dulevo BOOST 300.0

  • The brushes stop automatically if the machine remains at a standstill for more than six seconds to avoid wasting energy and prevent any floor damage.
  • The rear squeegee is automatically lifted as soon as the reverse gear is engaged.
  • Extremely silent.
  • Double suction motor.
  • Replacement of parts subject to wear without using tools.
  • No belts for longer durability.
  • Brush easy to hook and unhook.
  • Easily accessible suction motor.
  • The front part is a sweeper, whereas the rear part is a scrubber.

The BOOST 300.0 scrubber with man on board is available in three versions:

  • 300.10 BT: battery-operated traction system with a 1000 mm washing track;
  • 300.12 BT: battery-operated traction system with a 1200 mm washing track;
  • 300.10 BTR: battery-operated traction system with a 1000 mm track and roller brushes, which sweeps and washes in just one application.