Dulevo BOOST 90.0

Main data
Washing cleaning track (mm)650850
Scrubber width (mm)890980
Recovery tank capacity (l)7777
Voltage (V)2424
Hourly performance (mq/h)32504250
Solution tank capacity (l)9090
Lenght (mm)13301350
Width (mm)700850
Height (mm)10701070

Designed for particularly difficult applications

The Dulevo BOOST 90.0 walk behind scrubber has been designed to assure excellent cleaning performance.

Simple and sturdy, this walk behind scrubber is intended for particularly difficult professional applications.

The water tanks combine great capacity with compact dimensions: Dulevo BOOST 90.0 is perfect for cleaning small-medium areas.

This walk behind scrubber is the best solution for areas, such as supermarkets, shopping centres, showrooms, airports. They guarantee outstanding performance also in industrial applications, such as metal fabrication, car dealerships, and assembly lines.

A reliable and flexible sweeper

A LED display protects the life-span of the battery. Should the battery be critically low, the system will switch off automatically to allow the machine to be recharged.
This device prevents the battery from discharging completely, thus avoiding serious damage.

Flexibility is another important feature of these walk behind scrubbers. In fact, they are equipped with brushes that assure maximum cleaning of all surfaces.

The machine is available in the following versions:

  • 90.7BT2: battery-operated, with electric traction motor and 650 mm washing track;
  • 90.9BT2: battery-operated, with electric traction motor and 850 mm washing track;