Main data
Cleaning track (mm)1450145014501450
Washing cleaning track (mm)1200120012001200
Scrubber width (mm)1350135013501350
Washing solution tank capacity (l)220220220220
Recovery tank capacity (l)210210210210
Waste container capacity (l)210210210210
Hourly performance (mq/h)7200840084008400
Power supplyElectricDieselPetrolLPG
Filtration PM10 (%)99999999
Lenght (mm)2100210021002100
Width (mm)1200120012001200
Height (mm)2130213021302130
Height (machine body) (mm)1420142014201420

Scrubber and sweeper combined

Dulevo BOOST COMBI is a sweeper and scrubber combined in one machine.

BOOST COMBI has great working autonomy and is ideal for large surfaces.

It is designed in four versions:

  • diesel

  • battery

  • petrol

  • LPG

Sucks up dirt and cleans surfaces

During the sweeping phase, Dulevo BOOST COMBI uses two front side rotating brushes to convey dirt to the centre of the machine, where roller brushes (rotating opposite to the advance direction of the machine) direct it into the waste skip.

The suction system is designed to suck up fine dust into the skip, treating it in a bag filter.

During the brushing process, three brushes with washing counter-rotation can be simultaneously activated, which, assisted by the action of the water and detergent, clean the surfaces.

When the machine advances, the squeegee is in contact with the floor and collects the water, which is simultaneously sucked up and conveyed into the relative collection tank.

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