Dulevo D.zero² Hydro

Main data
ModelD.zero² Hydro
Minimum sweeping width (mm)1800
Maximum sweeping width (mm)2800
Washing solution tank capacity (mc)1500
Hourly performance (mq/h)28000
Power supplyElectric

The only electrical road washer in the world
100% electrical, 100% performance

Dulevo D.zero2 Hydro is the first entirely electrical Street Washer manufactured by Dulevo.

Thanks to its innovative, ecological technology, performance and compact size, it responds perfectly to the needs of towns and municipalities wanting to invest in the quality of life for their citizens.

The Dulevo D.zero² Hydro road washer is designed for high-pressure cleaning and for the sanitation of urban areas, but also easily adapts to industrial areas, resorts and wherever else a high level of hygiene is necessary.

Designed for ergonomics and to clean even the least accessible areas

Washing takes place by means of a stainless steel bar placed at the front of the cabin.

The Dulevo D.zero2 Hydro road washer is also equipped with an arm for the cleaning of walls and less accessible areas.

The cabin of the Dulevo D.zero2 Hydro Street Washer has been designed to ensure maximum operator comfort and to be easy to use: it is sound-proof and has large glass surfaces to ensure greater visibility.

The hydrostatic drive, power steering and the few controls make this vehicle simple and pleasant to use.

Other features:

  • Adjustable and hydraulically activated high pressure pump

  • Steel body suitable for heavy duty works

  • Power steering for an easy and pleasant drive

  • Low maintenance costs as all functions are hydraulically activated.

  • Hydrostatic transmission


The central node and the hydraulic steering make this road sweeper highly manoeuvrable, even in the most complex situations.

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