The constant search for increasingly innovative solutions and the continuous desire to improve, has, over the years, led Dulevo International to design sweepers, road washers and floor washers that are becoming progressively state-of-the-art solutions in order to provide services to the community while respecting both the environment as well as people: the mechanical suction system that allows particulate matter filtration (PM10) and water saving, engines with low environmental impact (latest generation diesel, methane and electric gas), and vehicles designed to carry out washing/sanitising operations..

Sanitation is an operation that aims to eliminate all bacteria and contaminants. In addition to cleaning activities, the objective of sanitation is to make a healthy environment for people to live in.

Thanks to the continuous search for cutting-edge solutions to meet the specific needs of both the market and of the end customer, Dulevo offers a wide range of vehicles, which, by using detergents, reduces the number of bacterial contaminants and makes it possible to maintain the safety level for a relatively long period of time: combined machines designed to perform sweeping, sanitising and washing operations, dedicated machines for sanitising and washing, floor scrubbing and drying machines designed to wash, sanitise, dry alongside high-pressure applications available on the entire road washing and sanitising product range.

Dulevo vehicles are ideal to carry out not only the sanitation of outdoor environments such as: alleyways, historical town centres, squares, markets, parks, streets, avenues, parking lots, industries and bicycle paths, but also the sanitation of indoor environments such as: hospitals, schools, supermarkets, and large offices, industrial areas, fruit and vegetable distribution centres and covered parking lots.