Dulevo 3000 M

型号3000 M
中央刷清洁宽度 (毫米)1300
侧刷清洁宽度 (毫米)2100
带有侧刷和第三把刷的清洁宽度 (毫米)2900
垃圾箱容积 (立方米)3.3
小时生产率 (平米/小时)87000

The idea

The Dulevo 3000M mechanical road sweeper is a heavy duty machine designed for urban and road areas.

The Dulevo 3000M mechanical road sweeper is capable of collecting any type of material, from light urban waste, gravel to heavier waste.

Construction characteristics and advantages of the Dulevo 3000M road sweeper:

  • Operator comfort and ergonomics: the ample interior cabin space and the quality of seats make this machine a highly comfortable workplace
  • Operator safety: An insulation system and additional springs protect the operator from sound emissions and vibrations. The ample cabin glass surface ensures a full view of the work area.
  • Accessible and easy to repair: Entirely hydrostatic control does not require the use of electronic components
  • Manoeuvrability: the small size of Dulevo 3000M allows to operate even in narrow places.