A new look for the 3000!

06 April 2017
Ingrandita 457.D1491484518

As can be seen in the new price list, many great changes have been made to the sweeper 3000.

With the introduction of an exclusive platform, the 3000 EU4, 3000 TIER3 and 3000 EURO6 will have the same frame and characteristics.

This new frame, with an updated lifting structure, improves on many of the characteristics of the sweeper:

  • dump height increased up to 1730mm
  • capacity of the water tank increased from 380 to 400 litres
  • enhanced motor area; the radiators and air filter of the motor are now better protected for superior performance of the motor
  • brand new transport and container for greater effective internal capacity and better capacity for the loading of light material.

This exclusive platform introduces, as standard with the versions EU4 and TIER3, a new water supply system that guarantees better efficiency of the dust removal system, new rear LED headlights, and hydraulic opening of the door of the container.

All three versions are Eunited PM10 certified and comply with Directive EN15429 - 3.

This new platform will also herald the introduction, before the summer, of the COMBI version with superior facilitator arm and additional water tank.