Masters of Labor and Dulevo together for Sustainable Education

30 April 2024

In the last few weeks we have hosted some classes of the San Secondo Parmense Secondary School participating in the "A Possible Enterprise" project, promoted by the Masters of Labor of Parma.

The Federation of Masters of Labor works to involve students in the business process, to bring them closer to the business context with concrete case studies and to deepen the concept of sustainability in the world of work.


The visiting classes, accompanied by, among others, Eng. Cavatore, now a Master of Labor and for many years a pillar of Dulevo, carried out a classroom project over the past few months regarding the production of a sweeper.

Dividing into several groups, representing the departments of a model company, they worked on the technical drawings, procured semi-finished products through purchase orders to suppliers, compiled production sheets (including costs and assembly procedures) and developed the marketing documentation necessary for promotion.

Finally, after much work, they were able to see with their own eyes the organization of our manufacturing plant, similar to the one they reproduced in class.


After a welcome from the staff, including Chief Sustainability Officer Francesca Bertini and General Manager Maurizio Giansiracusa, the students got to the heart of our history and products.

A quick lesson together with representatives of our Technical Department and immediately into production led by Production Manager Nicola Mistretta: from the mechanical workshop, to the assembly lines, finishing with the warehouse and shipping.

During the visit, there was no shortage of focus on the topics of workplace safety and environmental sustainability, issues that were very much felt and participated in by both the students and the people at Dulevo.

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