We are online!

15 März 2022
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The new Dulevo website answers the need to adopt a new technological tool and give its partners and dealers a new brand touchpoint.

Three main strenghts:

  1. Flexibility: We use a flexible CMS platform that allows us to easily integrate the site with other applications and to quickly and easily expand the platform to include new features.
    The CMS can be easily enriched with customized tools that allow you to manage the flow of information.
    For example, the price quote generation system can be integrated into the CMS by maintaining a single access point for operators and integrating information available on the site.
    Combined together, these two features guarantee that we will be able to create customized productivity tools, combining marketing and productivity needs.

  2. Integration: We currently worked in terms of integrations with a eye towards both functional and marketing objectives:
    - Interfacing with Mailchimp: all the forms that allow lead generation speak directly with the system;
    - Interfacing with Google Maps: a dealer locator allows you to view all available dealers in a specific area directly within Google Maps;
    - Integration with Dulevo Parts and Dulevo Service which will be accessible directly via the site’s private area.
    In the future we can consider integrating with ERP and other productivity tools.

  3. Optimization: There are multiple levels of optimization that we are working on:
    - Digitalization of the tools and processes that partners and dealers habitually use;
    - Attracting organic traffic via SEO;
    - Optimizing the way in which information is searched and used.

Enjoy and browse our new website!