The first Dulevo sweeper prototype

Over 40 years have passed since a group of technicians designed the first prototype of the historic 120 model, in a small garage in Parma back in 1976. Little did they know that in that first small production workshop, they gave life to a history of tradition, passion and technology which continues strong today.

Indeed, the market showed an immediate and overwhelming appreciation of machines created by the new born Dulevo. The brand rapidly spread throughout Europe.

The company opened its first plant in 1982, at its historic Sanguinaro site, heralding a demanding period of consolidation on markets and featuring the recently designed 200 and 500 models.

The birth of Dulevo International

Dulevo entered the Lampogas Group in 1991, reinforcing its drive for becoming a top Italian and European manufacturer in the industrial and urban cleaning sector.

Indeed this moment heralded the beginning of intense research and development activity, culminating in product industrialisation and the creation of an array of new models in all market segments.

Today, the new industrial site contains one of the world's most advanced manufacturing plants, with a total of 200,000 m2, including a 20,000 m2 production area as well as a state-of-the-art research and development facility, where future models are constantly developed.

The great breakthrough

The great breakthrough occurred in January 2013, with the Lampogas SpA corporate restructuring process: 4D Global Energy Investments Plc. became a majority shareholder of Lampogas and therefore of Dulevo. Tighe Noonan, founding partner of 4DGEA, became the entire group's President and CEO.

Unique cleaning machines created by unique people

Mechanical excellence is palpable in Emilia Romagna, where it manifests itself as a widespread and peculiar know-how.

Dulevo is a synonym for quality machinery and above all, people. People who believe that their own products are the best, but who wish to improve them all the same. People who consider themselves to be part of the Dulevo family.

The first site was operated by a handful of technicians. Today, the company boasts a staff of over 200 professionals, some of whom have been working for Dulevo for over forty years.

Our strength lies in a consolidated network of suppliers and external collaborators, whose knowledge guarantees full compliance with production and delivery schedules.

Environmentally friendly cleaning machines

Dulevo international maintains its top position through continuously researching solutions and technologies developed to improve environmental quality. The company researches and creates highly advanced technological solutions which always provide the right answer for all cleaning requirements, forretail, industrial or urban contexts.

Dulevo distinguishes itself in its constant drive to finding better solutions, inspiring it to achieve excellence through technological evolution and quality, with the constant innovation of products and services, not only to satisfy, but to transcend customer expectations.

Dulevo maintains its top positions through the continuous research of solutions and technologies which improve the quality of our environment. The company pursues optimal technical solutions designed to respond to all retail, industrial and urban cleaning requirements.

With its mechanical-aspirating-filtered sweeping system, Dulevo prioritises the reduction of noise and fine particles emitted in the environment (PM10).

We are constantly committed to the design of machines powered by alternative fuels.
Indeed in the road sweeping sector, we are the only company in the world to have developed a mechanical-aspirating sweeper powered by methane gas.