About us

In the motor valley, Dulevo and Fayat, a combination that means quality machines and innovation, excellence and cutting-edge technology. Whoever knows Dulevo knows that it can be perfectly represented by its people, who believe in the company and its values, through the constant development of increasingly efficient and useful products.
Our history

Since 1976 until today

  • 1976
    The first Dulevo sweeper prototype
    A group of technicians designed the first prototype of the historic 120 model, in a small garage in Parma back in 1976. Little did they know that, in the first small production workshop, they gave rise to a history of tradition, passion and technology which still goes on strong today.
  • 1982
    The first factory owned by the company
    The company opened its first facility in 1982, at its historic Sanguinaro site, producing the recently designed 200 and 500 models, and heralding a demanding period of consolidation on the market.
  • 1991
    The birth of Dulevo International
    Dulevo joined the Lampogas Group in 1991, strengthening its drive towards becoming the leading Italian and European manufacturer in the industrial and urban sweeping sector. Indeed this heralded the beginning of intensive research and development, leading to product engineering and production of a range of new models in all market segments.
  • 2013
    The corporate restructuring
    In January 2013 the corporate restructuring process of Lampogas SpA took place: 4D Global Energy Investments Plc. became the majority shareholder of Lampogas and therefore of Dulevo.
  • 2016
    In 2016, Dulevo intensifies its internationalization process outside Europe and reaches China, America, Indonesia, the Middle East and Asia.
  • 2021
    The great breakthrough
    In 2021, Dulevo became part of the Fayat Group. This event guarantees the company a flourishing development both in terms of product innovation and new business opportunities.
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Our values

We aim to offer highly productive machines with minimal environmental impact, both in terms of CO2 emissions and water consumption, with increasingly high levels of fine particle filtration.

We aim to be Italy's largest sweeper manufacturer, capable of offering a wide range of products with an innovative mechanical-suction system.

We have a presence in over 80 countries throughout the world and are one of the world's top five manufacturers of retail, industrial and urban sweeping machines.

Thanks to years of experience in the sector, we have been selected by a number of municipal authorities around the world (including Rome, Milan, Athens, Dubai, Lyon and Singapore) as official supplier of street sweeping machines.

Dulevo sweeping machines guarantee extremely high performance levels, which is why our vehicles are also extensively used in industrial applications. For many years, the quality and performance of Dulevo machines have been appreciated in cement plants, mines and many other sectors with special needs.

Fayat Road Life Cycle

Fayat Group

Dulevo is part of FAYAT Environmental Solutions. Dulevo's established reputation and professional expertise, particularly in self-propelled mechanical sweepers, further strengthen the Group's position in the sector. With the addition of Dulevo, FAYAT Environmental Solutions has gained another source of expertise and excellence.

Operating in 170 countries through the dedication of more than 21,500 employees, the Fayat Group provides innovative and sustainable solutions in diverse businesses around the world: Civil Works, Foundations, Construction, Energy Services, Metal, Pressure Vessels and Road Equipment.
The Group generated a turnover of 4.1 billion Euro in 2020.


Dulevo in Figures
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"High cleaning and hygiene performance, low environmental impact, clean air: these are the values of Dulevo."
Perchè Dulevo
Why Dulevo

Dulevo is a historical name in the world of professional sweepers and street washers with over 40 years of history

Thanks to the quality and technical characteristics of our vehicles, we can meet the needs of our customers in all conditions, seasons and applications, guaranteeing consistently high working standards.