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Dulevo Pre-owned

The price advantage of a used vehicle, the certified quality of a Dulevo vehicle.
Dulevo's certified pre-owned vehicles offer all the value of new vehicles at a reduced price. All pre-owned vehicles with Dulevo certification are subjected to strict checks, ensuring the new owner the delivery of a vehicle in the best condition.

The security of a pre-owned Dulevo


The machines are inspected and serviced by experienced and qualified Dulevo mechanics, and the parts replaced are all genuine, reliable and guaranteed spare parts to safeguard the performance and quality that distinguishes our machines.

Our pre-owned vehicles include the possibility to extend the warranty in order to take advantage of all the assistance services typical of a new vehicle even on the pre-owned one.



When you buy a pre-owned Dulevo vehicle, you will receive the same benefits as if you were buying a new machine: the possibility of receiving training for your operators, access to the official service network with genuine and guaranteed spare parts, and the advantage of a pre-owned vehicle certified by the manufacturer.

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