Abilene and Dulevo awarded for best street sweeping innovation in Texas

10 décembre 2021
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The City of Abilene, Texas, was awarded with the prize for technological innovations in municipalities for the year 2021. The award was achieved thanks to the adoption of four Dulevo 6000 sweepers, equipped with weed brushes and non-toxic herbicide.

Until 2016, due to previous cuts to the municipal budget, the care of the roads and curbs was entrusted to the owners of the houses. The gutters near the curbs have begun to become clogged, causing interruptions to the regular drainage of the roads, affecting their beauty and increasing the risk of flooding.

Municipal maintenance was not performed on a regular basis and the sweepers in use by the municipality were not efficient enough and often out of order.

In 2017, in a pilot study, experts came up with the idea of ​​spraying herbicide along curbs and drains and integrating it with any new street sweeping equipment.

Municipal staff needed to identify a sweeper brand that was strong and flexible enough to allow for this need for customization. After demonstrations and numerous evaluations, the city decided to purchase the Dulevo sweepers, the first ever in the State of Texas, with the supply of 4 sweepers (66% of the total fleet of road sweepers), delivered at the end of May 2020.

The new sweeping plan was implemented in June 2020. Dulevo machines have greatly improved the quality of sweeping.

In the following 11 months, a total of 11,000 km of pavements were swept (90% increase over the previous year), 7,000 m3 of debris were removed from the roads (a 53% increase over the previous year) and treated over 100km of pavement with herbicide.

This innovative program has immensely improved the city's aesthetics and the quality of life of the Abilenians.



Source: https://www.abilenetx.gov/467/Stormwater-Services

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