Palermo relies on Dulevo for street washing!

05 septembre 2023
Mezzi Rap Lavastrade 1

The city of Palermo has introduced two new Dulevo D.Zero Hydro all-electric street washers to improve the cleanliness of the historic center.

They were tested last week in the presence of Rap president Giuseppe Todaro, who stressed the importance of improving the decorum of the historic center and nightlife spots.

The sweepers, which are 100% environmentally friendly, are equipped with a large water tank, which the machine can also spray with disinfectant and deodorizer.

They will be used along several streets, including Via Maqueda, Teatro Massimo, Quattro Canti, Via Roma and surrounding streets, especially in alleys due to their small size.

Circuito di Monaco
Laveuses de voirie

Dulevo D.Zero² Hydro

La Dulevo D.Zero² Hydro est la première laveuse de voirie complètement électrique, fabriquée par Dulevo. L’innovation Dulevo Green!