Dulevo Dealer Awards - Intercare - D.D.V. - Hardline

15 juin 2023

During the Global Dealer Meeting 2023, hosted in Dulevo in May, eight awards were presented to the eight dealers who distinguished themselves most during the year.
This week we delve into three more awardees, stay tuned for the last two!

4. Fleet Sale - Intercare Limited

Intercare Limited has established itself as a strong presence in the cleaning and waste treatment market in the United Arab Emirates, always with a strong focus on innovation. In over fifty years of operation, including about thirty years as a partner of Dulevo, Intercare serves major municipalities and contractors in the UAE. Thanks ald to a large dedicated team, its extensive participation in industry trade shows, and strong marketing presence in the digital world as well, Intercare made a record delivery of machines this year (over two dozen), marking a record rightly to be rewarded!

5. Indoor - D.D.V. Gmbh

D.D.V., as a very strong partner of Dulevo in Germany, was born even before 1986, the official date of its founding. Born from a very small sales team, it now employs more than 35 people and sells all types of Dulevo vehicles to industries and municipalities. The industrial sector in Germany is highly developed, and D.D.V. is the right partner: "For us, there is no better sweeper in the world than a Dulevo, and we pass on this special attitude to our customers," Katja Giebmanns, General Manager of D.D.V., tells us.

6. Spare Parts - Hardline Equipment

Hardline Equipment has been one of our strongest partners in the United States for more than a decade. Located in Colorado, it began its partnership with Dulevo starting in the city of Denver, then developing the business throughout the state. As in the best and latest start-upper tradition, the idea of just two people with a minimal initial budget led to the building of a large dealership of heavy equipment of various kinds, which today holds a prominent place in the Dulevo landscape, especially in supplying Original Parts to its customers.

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