FormAZIONE - Training in action for everyone with Ducati

17 mars 2017
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As part of the process of industrial transformation of our company, it was decided to offer the employees at Dulevo a training course that would also bring them in contact with important Italian industrial companies. The first day of training was held March 15 at Ducati S.p.A., Borgo Panigale - Bologna.

After a word of introduction by the President, Tighe Noonan, and the General Manager, Luca Gazocchi, Carlo Serpentino - the Head of engine and vehicle assembly and the Specialist Engineering department - and Francesca Quarta - the Lean Manager of the engine and vehicle assembly area - talked briefly about the history of the company before explaining the industrial transformation at Ducati since 2000. A Lean production line, used selectively at first, brought about many changes to the manufacturing process. Each change was seen as an opportunity for improvement, and the Lean production line was gradually optimised and put into full effect in 2003.

There was then a constructive discussion involving all of Dulevo’s employees, on how to adapt to the new system of production.

Later, we paid a visit to the actual factory where we could watch the stages of production of a Ducati motorbike, from the manufacture of the components of the engine to the final phase of testing.

The morning at Ducati ended at the museum: with exhibits including the first model of the Ducati motorbike, the Cucciolo, and the uniforms of the great champions of Moto GP, like Troy Bayliss and Casey Stoner.

Back at Dulevo, the employees who had gone on the visit were given a questionnaire on the similarities and differences between the production line at Ducati and that at Dulevo.

We are pleased to say, therefore, that his first day marked a positive start to FormAzione!