DULEVO D.Zero2 will attend the “Water Labyrinth 2018”

21 marzo 2018
Ingrandita 543.D1521648279

Dulevo International is one the main sponsor of the “Water Labyrith 2018”, a four-day event focused on the world water situation, with an intense program of seminars, meetings and conferences with important national and international protagonists.

The summit will take place in the world’s largest bamboo labyrinth from 21st to 24th March 2018and will be presented by UNESCO WWAP – World Water Development Report 2018.

The first Dulevo fully electric street sweeper, the model D.Zero2 , will welcome all guests arriving at the Labirinto della Masone.

The D.Zero2, which guarantees the best performances with minimal environmental impact, changes its look, specifically designed for the occasion by Franco Maria Ricci , the planner of the event.

The subject is the TOUCAN (Ulisse Aldovrandi, Tavole di Animali, Corpus Aldovrandino, c.a. 1570, Bologna, university library)

With the launch of the D.Zero2 Dulevo International, always supporting environmental sustainability, makes a further step towards green philosophy.