ITS school class visiting us

11 abril 2022

Today we had a visit here in Dulevo by the students of the ITS Sustainable Mobility Foundation of Bergamo: a non-academic tertiary level training institution that deals with training and job placement of high-level specialized technicians (here is their website:
The formative projects that are proposed are related to the main professional figures required by companies and that face the challenges of changing markets and technological and organizational innovation.

The visiting class, which is part of a post-diploma training program, was able to see with their own eyes the organization of our production plant.
After a welcome from the staff, the students got to know our history through the Dulevo Experience.
A quick lesson on our product range and straight into production: from the mechanical workshop, to the assembly lines, and finally to the warehouse and shipments.

There was also a greeting from our General Manager Maurizio Giansiracusa, who together with the other members of the team guided the class through our headquarter.