Dulevo Dealer Awards - Tecnomotoscope - Giuseppe Magoni

26 juin 2023

During the Global Dealer Meeting 2023, hosted in Dulevo in May, eight awards were presented to the eight dealers who distinguished themselves most during the year.

This week we delve into the last -but obviously not least- two awardees!


7. Tecnomotoscope - Dealer of the Year 2023

Tecnomotoscope was founded in 1992 and is engaged in the sale, rental and service of cleaning machines. The company is organized into two different divisions: road machines and industrial machines; each of the two divisions has its own sales and technical service team, which is periodically trained. The company has made major investments in customer service, branding, and sustainability: the Scandiano (RE) plant is 100 percent energy self-sufficient!
Their outstanding performance in the market and the large investments made have undoubtedly made them Dealer of the Year 2023!


8. Giuseppe Magoni - People

This career award was given to a specific person who obviously embodies his FAIP dealership: Giuseppe Magoni!
Giuseppe started working with Dulevo over thirty years ago, and to date FAIP represents one of the best Dulevo dealers in Italy. Every year the company grows, thanks also to its founder Giuseppe, who to this day remains one of the cornerstones of its structure.
Small side note: the award was presented to him just days before his 80th birthday!

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