The Dulevo Experience begins!

27 octobre 2017
Ingrandita 495.D1509087749

For the launch of the new electric street sweeper D.zero2, an emotional route was created for guests visiting the Dulevo headquarters, so that they can be made aware of existing environmental issues and of Dulevo’s efforts in counteracting these trends.

The Experience is aimed at taking visitors through several areas to see the world we live in more critically, where air and noise pollution and climate change are transforming our planet. In this context, Dulevo plays a small but essential role. With its 40 years of experience in the industry, Dulevo has significantly invested in Research and Development to try to reduce its environmental impact in terms of CO2 and dust emissions. The new D.zero2 is the result of the investments made by Dulevo over the years to make sure cleaning can be done in a much “greener” way!