Dulevo spare parts

The quality of a vehicle is the result of the combination of each individual part of it. For this reason, Dulevo makes available and recommends to its customers and dealers only genuine parts, specially made to maintain the quality that distinguishes all Dulevo machines over time.

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The security of a guaranteed spare part for long-lasting quality

For Dulevo it is essential to guarantee all customers a valuable vehicle that can maintain high standards of work over time. That is the reason why we are committed to ensuring quality parts distributed quickly across the globe. The use of genuine spare parts, in addition to guaranteeing a high standard of quality, allows the warranty to remain valid and all the assistance services of the parent company to be maintained.

Every Dulevo spare part is assembled by trained mechanics and comes with a 1-year warranty. Moreover, thanks to the experience gained over the years by our technical department, genuine Dulevo spare parts ensure that each vehicle always maintains its high standards of work.

It is important to us to satisfy each of our customers, which is why Dulevo guarantees all spare parts for vehicles up to 10 years old, but we always try to have spare parts available for older machines as well.

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We make every effort to improve our on-site assistance, we always try to guarantee stocks of spare parts available directly in the warehouses of our dealers throughout Italy, to minimize machine downtime.

For each Dulevo vehicle there is a wide range of specific spare parts, so it is essential to check the serial number of the machine, in order to quickly and accurately access the correct spare parts and maintain its quality.

In order to meet every need, we are always available to make specific and patented parts or to retrieve spare parts even for vehicles out of production. In this way, you will not need several suppliers, but only one, Dulevo.