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The Dulevo Fayat Group ranks as the leading italian manufacturer of sweepers, scrubbers and street washers for commercial, industrial and urban cleaning, operating in more than 80 countries worldwide. Street sweepers, industrial sweepers, ride-on and walk-behind: Dulevo has developed and designed several “ad hoc” product lines to meet the specific needs of its consumers. The constantly growing path has allowed the company to create and expand the range of vehicles, so as to be able to meet every need of the market and its customers.


Dulevo Fayat
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"High cleaning and hygiene performance, low environmental impact and clean air: these are the values of Dulevo."
Why Dulevo

Dulevo is a historical name in the world of professional sweepers and street washers with over 40 years of history

Thanks to the quality and technical characteristics of our vehicles, we can meet the needs of our customers in all conditions, seasons and applications, guaranteeing consistently high working standards.
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Our attention is always focused on satisfying our customers, discover all the services that Dulevo has thought of for you.
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Dulevo Usato
Pre-owned Dulevo
Discover the range of pre-owned Dulevo vehicles: the convenience of a used vehicle, with all the peace of mind of receiving a machine that has been checked, serviced and has all the advantages of a new vehicle.
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Dulevo Rent
Dulevo Rent
All the quality of a Dulevo sweeper, street washer or scrubber with the convenience of a short, medium, or long-term rental.
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The whole range of Dulevo Sweepers and Street Washers for each category: see the characteristics of our vehicles.

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