Dulevo D3

Dulevo D3 combines tradition with innovation, redefining the sweeping concept. Maximum efficiency and savings in consumption are the main characteristics of the new D3 that puts the operator at the center ensuring the best driving comfort.


  • Productivity
  • Technology 4.0
  • Quality of life on board
  • Dulevo A.S.T. System

Product description

The new Street Sweeper D3 guarantees the highest levels of performance in every context, with lower consumption of water and fuel. Innovative features for intuitive and personalised use, easy to drive and comfortable even after many hours of work. The combination of the mechanical sweeping system and sweeping by suction, supported by a real dust filter, guarantees maximum performance and maximum versatility.

Safeguarding the environment has always been a primary objective for Dulevo. The Dulevo D3 street sweeper reduces noise and dust emissions, as well as water and fuel consumption. The engine complies with the most recent European emission regulations.

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