Why Dulevo

Dulevo is a historical name in the world of professional sweepers and street washers, with over 40 years of history. Because of the technical and qualitative characteristics of our vehicles we can satisfy all the needs of our customers, our products are able to adapt to any type of application, environment and season to always offer a high standard of work quality. Dulevo is the largest Italian company in the field of street cleaning machinery production, with the widest range of products available on the market, able to satisfy all needs and provide a perfect solution for everyone.

Model D6 and Model D3



Dulevo Certifications

Dulevo has always placed quality, innovation and respect for the environment at the center of its policy. It is precisely thanks to these values that it has been possible to achieve and maintain high standards over time in line with national and international ISO requirements.

ISO 9001:2015

Dulevo belongs to the group of companies that have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, synonymous with a constant commitment to production quality and customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001:2015

Thanks to its dedication to reducing its environmental impact, Dulevo was awarded ISO 14001 certification in 2015, certifying the company's continued commitment to complying with current environmental regulations.

Environmental impact

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Zero-impact vehicles

Dulevo has always been looking for the best way to reduce the environmental impact of its vehicles to a minimum. In fact, thanks to the prestigious collaboration with the GORE® Group and intense research work, Dulevo is proud to officially present a range of street sweepers with total filtration and zero emissions.

When Dulevo took its first steps in the world of street and industrial cleaning forty years ago, the main idea was to create a sweeper with innovative features and technology, offering industries and administrations a product that had incomparable qualities compared to any other type of sweeper on the market at that time: this is how the mechanical-suction-filtering system, patented by Dulevo, was created.

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CNG engines and electric motors: new standards for new regulations

All the propulsion technologies used in the Dulevo machines comply with the most stringent European, American and non-European emission standards. The exhaust gas after-treatment system with which the engines are equipped uses clean air to maximize combustion efficiency and minimize the production of particulate matter.

While maintaining its sweeping capacities completely unchanged, Dulevo has developed new CNG engines and electric motors for its vehicles: these have been created in the context of a faithful respect for the environment and a careful care towards cities and citizens.



The worldwide guidelines, focused on the theme of decarbonization, have driven Dulevo to invest in and develop full electric models for city cleaning

Dulevo's current electric range, which will be further developed according to market needs, offers two fully electric models for sweeping and street cleaning services. The aim of Dulevo's full electric machines is to replace the classic machines equipped with endothermic propulsion with a zero-emission version without limiting their operation and performance.

The electric vehicles are equipped with a lithium battery and a very flexible charging connection system, which is designed for connection to roadside charging stations, industrial power plugs or external chargers for maximum charging speed.

A careful study of the energy consumption of the operating phases has made it possible to develop machines capable of performing a complete work shift without the need for energy replenishment, and to guarantee a machine and battery lifespan equivalent to traditional ones.

The electric transition for Dulevo is not only aimed at reducing CO2 and at zero harmful gases, but also at reducing noise pollution and routine maintenance.


Natural Gas

The idea of developing a sweeper with an alternative engine to diesel was born in 2006, following the encouragement of important European cities. Dulevo's choice has gone in the direction of compressed natural gas, also in view of the development of refueling infrastructures for this fuel.

CNG offered and still offers the most environment-friendly and lowest emission solution among combustion engines, without using additives and exhaust gas reduction systems.

The layout and arrangement of the cylinders are patented by Dulevo, making it unique in the compact machine segment.

In addition to the evolutions of the sweeper models, Dulevo's offer also includes the street washer version.



Filtering system

The quality of the micro-particle filtration process is one of the characteristic elements of Dulevo vehicles. 

In the mechanical collection phase, the dust raised by the central broom of the sweeper is sucked up and held in the container thanks to the vacuum created by two suction fans.

The special fabric filtering system retains also the finest particles and comples the sweeping cycle, ensuring that only clean air is released into the environment.

In fact, all Dulevo road machines are EN15429-3 certified.


Dulevo International and the GORE® Group

Dulevo began its journey of innovation and improvement of its filter technology in Helsinki in 2006, thanks to scientific studies carried out on the road. In 2007, Dulevo International and the GORE® Group decided to form a strategic and exclusive partnership. With the collaboration of the University of Pisa, the Studio Alfa was set up to carry out a test protocol on an urban circuit, therefore under real working conditions. The results certified by TÜV and DNV, show that the Dulevo filtering system retains dust of particle size fraction down to Pm1. The Dulevo filtering system is also considered the most performing by VDI (Association of German Engineers - Publication VDI2096).

After more than 15 years of research, the combination of the two technologies has in fact revolutionized every parameter linked to the concept of fine particle filtering, bringing Dulevo vehicles to extremely high levels of filtration, exceeding the PM10 and PM5 regulatory standards to achieve PM1 filtration.

Minimal filter maintenance
Total filtration of PM10 fine particles of over 99%.
Long-lasting filtration quality
Improved cleaning quality
Total resistance to external agents
Useful filter life with 5 year unlimited warranty



Noise pollution

Dulevo is constantly working to reduce both external noise pollution and the decibel level inside the cabin, so as to create a more comfortable workplace for the operator and not disturb the quiet of the city.

The noise of a vehicle is mainly due to two reasons: the low intake flow rate and the engine.

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Sweeper suction rate

Generally the major source of noise in a sweeper is the suction turbine: the greater the amount of air moved by the turbine, the louder the whistle. In a Dulevo mechanical-suction sweeper, the quantity of air necessary for excellent cleaning results is very low. Moreover, thanks to the ECO mode of Dulevo sweepers, it is possible to adjust the flow rate of the turbine so as to better adapt the suction and reduce noise pollution. This allows the Dulevo mechanical-suction system to have very low noise emission levels, complying with the most recent European regulations on noise pollution.

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Sweeper engine

The second cause of noise on a sweeper is the engine. The faster the engine runs, the higher the noise emissions; these emissions become even higher if the sweeper is equipped with a second engine. In a Dulevo mechanical-suction sweeper, the collection system is very efficient and productive even at low engine power levels. Moreover, the ECO mode reduces noise emissions, creating a more comfortable working environment without disturbing the tranquility of the city center.

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Machine sound proofing

Dulevo mechanical-suction sweepers are specially designed to create a more comfortable workplace for the operator. The cabin is built with special materials and insulation that provide ideal noise reduction even during prolonged periods of work. Quiet operation is not only an advantage for the people around the sweeper, but also for the operator working on it. This allows the driver to work comfortably, cleanly and quietly.




Dulevo has always been attentive to the needs of the operator and to market innovations in terms of space, ergonomics and air quality inside the cabin.

The cabins of Dulevo vehicles can be equipped with a virus sanitizer or, like Dulevo D6, with a certified cabin equipped with sanitation through photocatalytic oxidation. Dulevo is committed to creating machines that are comfortable and easy to use. 

Thanks to the introduction of Adaptive Sweeping Technology, introduced with the D6 and D3 vehicles, the machines are simple and intuitive to use: the operator has to simply sit down, start the vehicle and begin working. In fact, with the A.S.T. system, the machine only needs to be configured once, making it easy to select the working mode with a single button (eco, standard, boost).


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Technological innovation

One of the cornerstones of Dulevo's philosophy is technological innovation. The constant search for technologies to simplify the sweepers work and use has led to the implementation of a connectivity system on all vehicles to monitor the operating status of the machine. This allows to offer better service and real-time information for preventive maintenance operations.

All the machines are therefore equipped with a remote monitoring system and prepared for a passive and active interface; this will allow future implementation in the Smart City circuit, as well as future implementation in the 4.0 system.

Mechanical suction system

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Mechanical suction system

Dirt is collected mechanically by means of side brooms which convey the debris towards the center of the machine where the central cylindrical broom throws it at high speed directly on a vertical conveyor. The debris is loaded into the waste container from the top, thus the loading capacity of the vehicle is optimized.

Lifted by the central cylindrical broom, the dust is sucked up and retained in the container thanks to the vacuum created in the container by two suction fans with high flow-rate and head effect.

The special fabric filtering system retains also the finest particles, completing the sweeping cycle, ensuring that only clean air is released into the environment.

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Thanks to the advantages of the mechanical-suction system, Dulevo sweepers are ideal for tackling the most diverse urban applications in terms of type and seasonal conditions:

  • street sweeping in summer in the presence of sand and dust;
  • street sweeping on autumn accumulations of leaves and pine needles;
  • waste collection after local markets;
  • winter sweeping at particularly cold temperatures thanks to the possibility of not using water.

In fact, only the side brooms (being positioned outside the suction zone) require a modest sprinkling of nebulization water for dust control, thus allowing sweeping in the total absence of water.

Higher sweeping speed compared to a suction sweeper
Collection of heavy and large-sized waste thanks to side brushes and vacuum created inside the container
Possibility to operate with little or even no water
Possibility to operate on wet surfaces
Collected dust stays in the container

Water saving



Thanks to the patented mechanical-suction system, a Dulevo sweeper can work in total absence of water. This is very important from both an industrial and an economic point of view.

This is achieved through the dust limitation system on the side brooms and through the water recycling system, this allows the vehicle to reuse up to 70% of the water used during washing.

All Dulevo machines are therefore designed to reduce water use to a minimum. The possibility to select the washing method by the operator, in fact, offers the possibility to direct the water exclusively on the side brooms or even work dry.