Dulevo and cement plants

Street Sweepers

Dulevo D6

Easy and intuitive to use. A highly customisable machine based on the operator’s usage habits, user-friendly and always connected.

Dulevo sweepers, such as the D6 and D3 models, for example, can be equipped with dust caps on the side brushes, which create a vacuum zone as is the case with the central brush; using the caps makes it possible to control dust WITHOUT using water.

Sweeping without the use of water is an essential feature in cleaning cement plantsThe Dulevo range includes many sweeper models that are well suited to different cleaning areas, different types of dirt and the needs of the customer in general.

Thanks to its mechanical suction-filtering system, which enables the machine to sweep without the use of water, Dulevo is a supplier to the largest cement producers in the world.

Additional machines used

5000Veloce Street Sweepers Preview
Street Sweepers

Dulevo 5000 Veloce

Dulevo 5000 Veloce street sweeper guarantees total control over fine particles, maximum productivity and very low maintenance costs. This sweeper is truly versatile and can be used to sweep roads, motorways, grocery markets, depots and much more, simply and efficiently.

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