Formula 1

2016 – Montecarlo
Formula 1
Street Sweepers

Dulevo 6000

The Dulevo 6000 sweeper is the perfect work tool for all seasons, places and times. Come find out why.

For years, Dulevo has been collaborating with world-famous motor racing circuits all over the world during Formula 1 races. In these situations, effective, efficient and above all fast cleaning is required.

Dulevo has been collaborating for years with the historic Grand Prix of Montecarlo, a street circuit where cleaning is concentrated in just a few hours before practice and the race. The mechanical filtering suction system enables Dulevo sweepers to sweep at high speed, without any limitation: light, heavy and even bulky material.

Dulevo sweepers and road sweepers impeccably clean the asphalt of circuits from debris brought onto the track by cars or in the event of accidents.

Additional machines used

Street Sweepers

Dulevo D6

Unmistakable at first sight, revolutionary on board – Dulevo D6 paves the way for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to once again redefine the high standards of its category and accompany the operator in every moment of his work, every day. It guarantees the highest levels of performance in every context, while reducing consumption compared to the past. The high technology of the Dulevo D6 makes it possible to have an environmentally friendly machine.

Photos of the event

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