Sanitizing cities

2019 – Milano
6000Hydro Street Washers Preview
Street Washers

Dulevo 6000 Hydro

Dulevo 6000 Hydro an ideal machine for cleaning both large streets and small alleys, perfect for city streets. Find it out!

Many municipalities in Italy and around the world have adopted stricter street-cleaning methods with preventive measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, intervening in particular near street furniture, public and private areas where offices and points of sale are located.

Our vehicles have been called upon to make their contribution, in terms of effectiveness and reduced environmental impact, by supporting the teams of operators in that difficult but fundamental task, carrying out a thorough sanitation activity.

In Milan, sweepers and street washers were engaged in extraordinary sanitation operations in the centre, alongside AMSA Milano operators.

Additional machines used

6000Hydrocng Street Washers Preview
Street washers

Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG

The Dulevo 6000 Hydro CNG street washer is suitable for any location with frequent hygiene and sanitation needs. Washing is performed through a stainless steel bar. Without changing its washing capacity, Dulevo has created a new street washer powered by natural gas that fully respects the environment, paying great attention to cities and citizens.

Photos of the event

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