The mechanical-suction system

How it works

Dirt is mechanically collected by side brushes which channel debris to the centre of the machine, where it is launched at a high speed onto a vertical conveyor by the central cylindrical brush.

Debris is loaded from above into the waste container, thus optimising the vehicle's load capacity.

Once lifted by the central cylindrical brush, dust is sucked up and retained in the waste container thanks to the depression created in said container, by two high flow and head suction valves.

This particular fabric filtering system also retains the finest of particles and completes the sweeping cycle, while guaranteeing the re-emission of only clean air into the environment.

An ideal system for road sweeping

Thanks to the advantages of the mechanical-suction collection system, Dulevo sweepers are ideal for a vast range of urban applications, both in terms of type and weather conditions:

  • road sweeping in the summer, with sand and dust
  • road sweeping in the Autumn, with piles of leaves and pine needles
  • waste collection after local markets
  • sweeping in the winter with particularly cold temperatures

Indeed, the side brushes alone (in virtue of their position beyond the depression area), require watering with only a modest amount of nebulized water to keep dust under control, thus enabling sweeping even in the absence of water.


The application of this innovative sweeping system on Dulevo sweepers guarantees:

  • Greater sweeping speed compared to a suction sweeper
  • The collection of heavy and large-sized waste thanks to side brushes and the depression created inside the container
  • Possibility to operate with little or even no water
  • Possibility to operate on wet surfaces
  • Collected dust remains in container

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