Dulevo D6

Datos principales
Pista de limpieza cepillo central (mm)1300
Pista de limpieza cepillos laterales (mm)2800
Pista de limpieza con cepillos laterales y tercer cepillo (mm)3600
Capacidad del contenedor de residuos (mc)6.2
Superficie filtradora (m2)22
Filtración PM10 (%)99

Dulevo D6 paves the way for a new sweeping experience. Its unique DNA blends with the most advanced technology ever to once again redefine the high standards of its category and accompany the operator in every moment of his work, every day.

Efficient and attentive to cost reduction. Thanks to Dulevo’s technological experience, the new D6 ensures the highest levels of performance in any context.

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