Italian Capital of Culture 2023 puts focus on electric sweeping with Dulevo

01 February 2023
Aprica BG BS 010223 Copertina

Bergamo and Brescia, cities that symbolize the fight against Coronavirus in Italy, have won the title of Italian Capital of Culture 2023.

From a symbol of resilience in the fight against the pandemic to a symbol of rebirth, including cultural rebirth. And culture, in the words of the mayors of the two cities, also comes through cleanliness and ecology! For this reason, the two cities have just purchased 25 new electric vehicles that will enhance their fleet of vehicles dedicated to the environment, including sweepers, compactors and more.

Prominent among them are four Dulevo D.Zero2, in both street sweeper and street washer versions.

Today was the official presentation of the new fleet, and our D.Zero2s stood out-in the beautiful blue livery of the initiative-for a small sweeping demonstration during the event. 

We are proud to be part of the experience that all visitors who decide to travel to these wonderful cities, now the one and only Italian Capital of Culture, will have in 2023.

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