NEW Dulevo D.Zero²

The D.Zero² is the first all-electric street sweeper created by Dulevo, now in its third generation. With its completely redesigned vacuum system and the latest generation of batteries and motors, it is perfect for meeting the needs of municipalities and municipalities that want to invest in their citizens' quality of life.


  • 100% electric with latest technologies on batteries and motors
  • Quietness at its maximum, due to completely new suction system
  • Great maneuverability and speed up to 40 km/h

  • Extremely reduced maintenance and recharging costs
  • Possibility to install the battery charger on board
  • Available with both Type 1 and Type 2 sockets

Product description

Dulevo D.Zero² is the first entirely electrical street sweeper manufactured by Dulevo, now in its third generation.
The all new D.Zero² is a great investment for municipalities: with the most efficient new motors the Total Cost of Ownership will be the lowest possible, while sweeping better and quieter than ever.

The comfort on board is a fundamental characteristic of all the Dulevo vehicles: this D.Zero² has reduced the noise in cabin with improved insulation and enhanced the overall comfort with larger glass surface and pneumatic and heated seat.

The work shift will be easier to manage thanks to the new joystick and displays that allow the operator to better drive the vehicle.

The machine retains the great maneuverability that the D.Zero has ever had, but thanks to larger wheels and improved braking system it now reaches 40 km/h.

The performance will amaze you: thanks to intelligent hydraulic management modes, the new D.Zero achieves better performance while consuming less and producing less noise.

Operator-friendly controls enable a range of automatic operations that can be recalled at the touch of a button.

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