Dulevo 6000

Design, solid and innovative structures and Dulevo's exclusive waste collection technology make the Dulevo 6000 sweeper the perfect work tool for all seasons, places and times, regardless of temperatures, sun, rain or snow.


  • Designed to reach even the most difficult areas in cities
  • Easy to use even on uneven surfaces
  • Excellent sweeping capabilities and convenient unloading: specially designed for easy unloading into bins or compactors
  • Gaseous and noise emissions fully compliant with legislation

Product description

 The Dulevo mechanical suction-filtering system guarantees total control of particulate matter and, with the exclusive application of Gore® technology, Dulevo has developed a sweeper, unique in the world, that guarantees total abatement of PM10 particles. Proven to eliminate fine particles 100%, compared to normal sweepers, while saving up to 60% of water, Dulevo 6000 is capable of satisfying all future environmental requirements.

Four-wheels, synchronized and with hydraulic steering, make this street sweeper easily handled even in the most complex situations.

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