Dulevo BOOST COMBI is a sweeper and scrubber combined in one machine. First the sweeping unit collects debris by filtering out fine dust, then the scrubber washes and dries the surface. The two units are independent.


  • Scrubber and sweeper combined
  • Bag filtration system to retain fine dusts
  • Great working autonomy
  • Ideal for large surfaces
  • Counter-rotating disc brushes for perfect washing and collection
  • Mechanical suction filtering system

Product description

The BOOST COMBI uses Dulevo mechanical suction-filtering technology for sweeping at the front. Collection takes place by means of the side brushes which convey the debris to the center of the machine where the central cylindrical brush throws it at high speed directly into the container. Dust is sucked up and retained in the container thanks to the vacuum created by a suction fan with high capacity and head effect. The fabric filtering system completes the sweeping cycle, ensuring that only clean air is released into the environment. In the rear part, the three counter-rotating disc washing brushes are activated at the same time, whose task is to clean the surfaces with water and detergent.

As the machine advances, the squeegee, in contact with the floor, collects the water that is simultaneously sucked up and conveyed into the relative collection tank. Dulevo BOOST COMBI is a sweeper and scrubber combined in one machine, it has great working autonomy and is ideal for large surfaces.

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