Dulevo 75

The Dulevo 75 industrial sweeper has all the features of top-of-the-range industrial machines. The action of the brushes collects dust and waste in a large capacity container and thanks to the Gore filter allows dust filtration down to 1 micron.


  • Dust filtration down to 1 micron
  • Large capacity container for dust and waste collection
  • Water cooled engines to assure operation in very hot climate and over extended work shifts
  • On Board Battery charger 
  • Little maintenance required as all functions are hydraulically operated
  • No tools required to replace the central broom
  • Heavy-duty steel frame

Product description

The industrial sweeper Dulevo 75 features all the characteristics of the best industrial machines: large container, great power, exceptional sweeping performance and a truly high-performance suction system. Brush action collects dust and waste into a large capacity container. Dust is sucked up by a powerful turbine which sends it towards the filter. Special filter conformation guarantees the re-emission of only clean air. The filtering system has been designed to retain fine particles of up to 3 microns, while also enabling more powerful suction, thus reducing the possibility of blocking and increasing duration.

In addition to the high quality filter that is fitted as standard, the Dulevo 75 ride-on sweeper can be equipped with a filter that provides even higher performance. Gore technology achieves the best filtration results through improved dust control (down to 1 micron), better suction and easy, cost-effective maintenance. The 75 sweeper is available in the SH version with petrol and LPG engine, suitable for outdoor areas and EH version with battery-powered motor with the possibility of mounting a battery charger on board, for indoor and outdoor areas. Each version can be equipped with an extensive range of accessories.

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