Dulevo 1100

Main data
Model1100 EH1100 BS1100 DL
Minimum sweeping width (mm)750750750
Maximum sweeping width (mm)144014401440
Container capacity (l)220220220
Hourly performance (mq/h)100801008010080
Power supplyElectric 36 VPetro / LPGDiesel

The Dulevo 1100 man on board sweeper has been designed for operation in all dusty environments.

It is capable of capturing from the finest of particles up to gravel-sized debris. It is perfect for all heavy duty industrial applications, and for use in public spaces as well as loading and unloading areas such as warehouses, loading bays, car parks, etc.

Equipped with the same characteristics as the best industrial machines

The Dulevo 1100 industrial sweeper features all the characteristics of the best industrial machines: ample container, high power, exceptional sweeping and aspiration plant performance.

An advanced filter for better results in a shorter time and at reduced costs

In addition to the high quality filter mounted as standard, the Dulevo 1100 man on board sweeper can also be equipped with an even higher performance filter.

Gore® technology guarantees the best filtering results thanks to: improved dust control (up to 1 micron), improved aspiration, easier and more economical maintenance

Ergonomic and efficient

Few and simple commands means that this machine is pleasant and easy to use.

Easy access to all components and entirely hydraulic technology render the sweeper simple and cheap.

The 1100 sweeper is available in the BS version with a petrol and LPG engine, DL diesel version, suitable for outdoor areas, and the EH version with battery-powered engine, for indoor and outdoor areas. Each version can also be enriched with an extensive range of accessories.

Other characteristics:

  • Direct load sweeping system for exceptional cleaning results, even under particularly arduous work conditions
  • Steel body suitable for heavy duty works
  • Water cooled engines to ensure functioning in very hot climates and long periods of operation
  • Compacting system inside container which increases collection capacity
  • Little maintenance required as all functions are hydraulically activated.
  • No electronics
  • Beltless turbine which does not require maintenance
  • No tools required to replace the central brush

Easy filter access for inspection and cleaning.

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