Dulevo 1000 SPARK

Dulevo 1000 Spark is easy to handle and use, even in congested areas. The dual direct-load and flap sweeping system of this machine is an effective solution for sweeping operations and bulky waste collection.
1000 Spark Sweepers


  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas
  • Easy to operate even in congested areas
  • Comfortable and ergonomic position for the operator
  • 360° rotation when stationary

Product description

The Dulevo 1000 Spark ride-on sweeper is a professional and reliable machine that proves its great productivity in both indoor and outdoor environments. Slender without being too light, the Dulevo 1000 Spark sweeper is easy to handle and use, even in congested areas. Its size does not compromise comfort: the operator benefits from a comfortable position with a full view of the work area. The Dulevo 1000 Spark sweeper can also rotate on itself even in very narrow spaces. The flap system of this machine allows an effective solution even for bulky waste collection.

Its simplicity and reliability make this sweeper easy to maintain and long-lasting, making it an excellent long-term investment. The 1000 Spark sweeper is available in the BH version with petrol engine, suitable for outdoor areas and EH version with battery-powered motor, for indoor and outdoor areas. Each version can also be equipped with an extensive range of accessories.

The Dulevo traditional concept of comfort led to the HD version (High Dump) with a practical automatic hopper discharge system up to 1450 mm. The 1000 HD Spark sweeper is available in the BH version with a petrol engine, suitable for outdoor areas, the EH version with battery-powered engine, for indoor and outdoor areas, and YH with hybrid engine (petrol/battery-powered).

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