Dulevo vehicles with walk-behind traction
20.0 Scrubbers

Dulevo BOOST 20.0

The Dulevo BOOST 20.0 scrubber is designed for extraordinary cleaning performance: great time savings and small footprint. Find out more.
30.0 Scrubbers

Dulevo BOOST 30.0

The BOOST 30.0 scrubber is ideal for small-medium areas like shops, restaurants, showrooms and supermarkets. Find out all its applications.
50.0 Scrubbers

Dulevo BOOST 50.0

The Dulevo BOOST 50.0 scrubber is designed for truly unparalleled cleaning performance. Feel free to ask for more information.
90.0 Scrubbers

Dulevo BOOST 90.0

The Dulevo BOOST 90.0 walk-behind scrubber has been designed to assure excellent cleaning performance. Check out all of its features.

Dulevo 700 SPARK M

If waste is not very heavy and the budget is limited, Dulevo 700 M SPARK manual sweeper is the right machine. Read the specifications.

Dulevo 700 SPARK

The Dulevo 700 Spark sweeper is professional and reliable: great performance thanks to its direct-load system. Find out the details.

Dulevo 900 SPARK

The Dulevo 900 Spark walk-behind sweeper is a professional and extremely reliable machine, suitable for every need. Ask for more info.
DULEVO 52 (1)

Dulevo 52

Dulevo 52 industrial sweeper is compact and has all the technology of the most performing cleaning machines for heavy industry. Find it out!
DULEVO 74 (1)

Dulevo 74

Dulevo 74 has been designed for use in all environments where a sweeper capable of reaching even the most difficult places is required. Ask for more information.
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