Dulevo 5000 Veloce

Main data
Model5000 VELOCE
Sweeping width central brush (mm)1600
Sweeping width side brushes (mm)2600
Sweeping width with side brushes and third brush (mm)3500
Waste container capacity (mc)5
Hourly performance (mq/h)105000
Power supplyDiesel
Filtration PM10 (%)99

A manoeuvrable, affordable and extremely fast sweeper

The Dulevo 5000 Veloce road sweeper is the only sweeper in the world capable of combining manoeuvrability, affordability, reliability and speed, offering truly superior sweeping quality.

If you are looking for a sweeper which guarantees total control over fine particles, maximum productivity and low maintenance costs, the Dulevo 5000 Veloce is bound to suit all your requirements.

Designed for roads, motorways, markets and depots

The Dulevo 5000 road sweeper is truly versatile and can be used to sweep roads, motorways, grocery markets, grain depots and much more, simply and efficiently.

High speeds to cover long distances

Its sweeping speed means that it can be nimbly transferred to different locations thus reducing the waste of time.

Compact, silent, comfortable, attractive and easy to drive, the Dulevo 5000 Veloce road sweeper can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h, and is often used by municipalities and bodies with long distances to be covered.

A filter which eliminates fine particles

For applications in particularly high levels of dust, where the total elimination of fine particles seems impossible, the Dulevo 5000 Veloce road sweeper can be fitted with an exclusive Gore® filter which guarantees the best solution on the market for the elimination of fine particles.

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