Dulevo D.zero²

Main data
Minimum sweeping width (mm)1750
Maximum sweeping width (mm)3200
Washing solution tank capacity (l)220
Waste container capacity (mc)2.1
Hourly performance (mq/h)25200
Power supplyElectric

100% electric, 100% performance

The D.zero² is the first 100% electric street sweeper created by Dulevo.

Thanks to its innovative, ecological technology, performance and compact size, it responds perfectly to the needs of towns and municipalities wanting to invest in the quality of life for their citizens.

The Dulevo D.zero² philosophy is based on four fundamental characteristics that make it unique in the sector.

Zero emissions

Dulevo D.zero² means zero emissions of CO2, zero harmful gases and zero dust re-introduced into the environment.

And what’s more: thanks to its electric motor there is a drastic reduction in noise emissions, enabling operators to work at night without disturbing the peace.

Zero manoeuvring problems

Thanks to the centre joint and two semi-frames, with Dulevo D.zero² even the most complex manoeuvres become easy.

Thanks to its size and manoeuvrability, the articulated street sweeper can work in town centres, green and crowded areas perfectly reaching even the smallest, narrowest spaces.

Zero limits

The Dulevo D.zero² sweeper has excellent autonomy: it can work a full shift with no need to be recharged.

Besides providing the sweeping performance of traditional street sweepers, thanks to being 100% electric, the Dulevo D.zero² has extremely reduced maintenance and power costs.

Zero risks

The ongoing Dulevo attention for work quality and the safety of operators is well represented by the Dulevo D.zero²: thanks to its low voltage technology risks that the electric equipment can generate are reduced to zero.

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